​Welcome to Paralia Hotel Nha Trang!

Situated in the heart of Hon Chong Promontory, featuring 114 rooms, Paralia Hotel Nha Trang, the international  hotel with modern and comfortable style, is ideal for both business men and leisure travellers. Combined between local attraction and international standard services, along with charming views and chances to blend in with the sea, Paralia Hotel Nha Trang expect to bring you the most memorable and subtle experiences during your stay.

Diverse types of perfect-standard services are offered here in Paralia Hotel Nha Trang in order to present you with wonderful experiences about Nha Trang city


Location & Service

Partnership with CitySmart Hotel Management (CHM)

Paralia Hotel Nha Trang forms a partnership with CitySmart Hotel Management (CHM), which specializes in teaching hospitality, hence creates a new paradigm, combining learning and practicing.